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Every NHP wellness benefit is designed to help you be your best self

NHP health plans give their members reasons to be happy, healthy, and wise all year long. All plans give free access to a whole range of valuable and useful wellness benefits, perks, discounts, online tools and resources, as well as one-on-one care management programs. The programs listed below come with every plan.

Benefits vary based on the plan you select, but unlike other health care provider’s benefits, these are the kind you’ll actually use. They include:

  • Reimbursement of up to $130 for childbirth education classes

  • Discounts on bike helmets and home safety products

  • Access90 pharmacy program that allows members to get up to a 90-day supply of certain prescription medicines.* This saves you time by avoiding monthly refills, and money--you pay one copayment instead of three.

  • Over-the-counter medications with a prescription at NHP participating pharmacies. (May be FREE or with a small copayment).

  • Free and discounted eyewear and discounts on contact lenses at all Visionworks locations.

  • One-on-one Care Management Services to help members stay healthy and manage chronic illnesses.

  • Smoking Cessation Program, including counseling and coverage for over-the counter medications like the nicotine patch, gum, an inhaler, spray, and prescription drugs like Bupropion, and Chantix.

  • Free 24/7 Nurse Advice Line. Call anytime with your health care questions of any kind.

  • Healthwise Knowledgebase. Get important details and information written by experts on a whole range of health conditions, medications, illnesses, operations, injuries, and more.

  • Free books to improve your health and family wellness IQ. Two examples are, What to do when your Child Gets Sick and, The Healthwise Handbook.

  • Online Health Risk Assessment Tool—a  tool to help you determine your health risks for conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or depression.

And more! Visit /my health to learn more information about each benefit. Or, if you are a member, log in to to see your plan’s Schedule of Benefits.

*Visit for a full list of NHP participating pharmacies.