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HSA Insurance - Employer Group Quote Form

Welcome to, the largest private, multi-carrier insurance marketplace in New England – serving New Englanders for nearly 50 years.

We’re here to make shopping for health insurance as easy as possible. You’re not alone if you think understanding what you’re getting with your health insurance is hard.

You’re about to begin a no-hassle, no-commitment shopping experience.

If we are lucky enough to have you as a customer, you will be joining over 25,000 small businesses and more than 30,000 individuals and families in New England, who enjoy the best prices available on health insurance in New England.

If you have ANY questions, start a chat session with an HSA team member, or call us at (781) 848-4950.

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Sole Proprietors:
Answer “Yes” if the only employees are the owner and/or the spouse of the owner.
Answer “No” if you regularly employ at least one individual that is not the owner and/or the spouse of the owner.
Thank you for your interest. Based upon the information you provided, you must enroll in Individual and Family plans.
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