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Softmedia, Inc.

Softmedia, Inc. is a full service web design and development company.  Founded in 1994, we have designed and developed several different applications in several platforms.  We also provide Web Hosting and Maintenance.  Softmedia is equipped to serve small to medium size businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies. To date, the company has produced many Web sites across the US.  Softmedia also provides other brand solutions and marketing services such corporate Identity, search engine marketing services, content creation and content update, and blog services.

Softmedia, Inc. specializes in Custom Management Solutions (CMS) in particular Kentico CMS solutions.

Softmedia has introduced a web based management tool called eLeadTracker to go along with its eBrokerSites product.  eLeadTracker helps you manage your leads more effectively.  It is designed to be the central point for all your leads from many different sources including!  eBrokerSites allows you to build, manage and grow your website no matter what stage your website is in.  Read below and visit both of our Product websites by clicking on the logo buttons!

NOTE:  Exclusively for HSA Brokers:
  The quote ADD-ON feature and the website ADD-ON form for eleadtracker are both FREE to those who sign up for eLeadTracker and have an ACTIVE broker account.  This is a $20 per month savings!! (Setup fee for the Add-On Form could still apply)

Check out our short eLeadTracker Video to see a feature in action!


eLeadTracker is a web tool that streamlines lead management. Our easy-to-use web app keeps you on top of your leads. Your work load is kept under control by creating and scheduling tasks, prioritizing your to-do list, and attaching important notes as your leads develop. eLeadTracker makes tracking your leads a snap.

Sign up for a personal one on one webinar and automatically get entered to win an iPad.

Check out our video page to see one of our most popular features.


Our high-quality professional websites boost your online presence instantly!  It is a fully customizable insurance website to fit your business needs. Whether you want to create a website, need to re-vamp an existing one or just need a few add-ons, eBrokerSites can help anyone, including brokers, agencies and salespeople. Low monthly fees with hosting, emails and content-management-ready websites available!